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Below are some commonly-asked questions for Bridges Crisis Management.

Setup & Personal Safety

    1. Once a facility has reached an agreement for services with Bridges Crisis Management, an account representative from BCM will provide the facility supervisor with a manager login on the BCM website. Facility employees who fill out the daily symptom tracker on the BCM website will have their results logged on the manager dashboard. Educational inservices will be available and can be scheduled by facility request. Inservices will be through ZOOM or can be shared via powerpoint. In-person live inservices will be available upon request. A BCM representative will follow up with the facility supervisor for additional facility needs (ex: contact tracing, crisis mitigation, assistance with testing).

Bridges Crisis management does not collect any patient identifying information. Staff will be asked to take the survey using a unique patient identifier that is assigned to them via their respective facility. 

Here is a list of the data an employer can see:

      1. Daily Symptom Tracker completion before shift 
      2. Approved to come in to work or required to stay home 
      3. COVID-19 Test Results (staff will send directly to Assisted Living Facility – this is customizable based on the facility)

Testing & Actions

Bridges Crisis Management has a 24 hour nurse crisis hotline, that staff can call to get information on the steps to take to get testing in their local area, whether they need to go to their doctor, a county testing site or testing onsite can be arranged with Bridges on a case by case basis for each facility. We have the skilled nursing staff and we will determine with the individual facility which test to offer based on the staff, patient and facilities circumstances, such as risk, proximity to a testing location, and severity of symptoms. 

Staff may choose to opt-out of this program at any time, based on the facilities rules and guidelines for employment.

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